Selection Deadline

must be completed within 2 months from the admission

Selecting 3 candidates for the supervisor

Select first, second and third choices of professors in dept. of BMSc, fill out "application form for selecting a supervisor," submit the form to the Administration Office in dept. of BMSc.

Submission deadline: must be submitted within 2 months from the admission

based on the form, the committee of student affairs will notify the student of the chosen supervisor.

Lab rotation

Students will select the 3 supervisor candidates based on various information. If a student feels the avaliable information on such candidates is insufficient, he/she can take "lab rotation," experiencing actual lab atmosphere of each candidate for 2 weeks. Lab rotation requires the candidate professor's approval.

Lab rotation period

must be held within 2 months from the admission. However, if desired, the student can take lab rotation before the admission.

Apply for lab rotation

Fill out and submit application form at the time of orientation.

Eligibility of a supervisor

must be assistant professor or higher with PhD.

Change of a supervisor

With the approval of both new and previous supervisors, the change can be made within a year from the admission. In case of natural disaster or the supervisor's change of occupation, the student can make a change after the deadline.

Temporary supervisor

Until the student makes a decision in selecting his/her supervisor, the Head Professor of Dept. of BMSc undertakes the role of temporary supervisor.

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