• Enrollment Period
  • The enrollment period for current students is usually 1 month before the beginning of each semester: the end of January for the first semester and the end of July for the second semester. Freshmen enroll in February after receiving confirmation of their admittance and the period differs from current students. Refer to the link for this year´s specific schedule.
  • Enrollment Procedures
  • You must enroll online at during the specified period.
    For a detailed guide, refer to the "Course Enrollment Manual".
  • Credits allowed per semester
  • Master´s program : ~ 9 credits
  • Doctoral program : ~ 9 credits (if a student's masterate GPA from SNUMC is higher than A-(3.7), the student can complete 12 credits in his/her 1st semester)
    However, if your GPA over the past semesters was at least A-(3.7), you may take up to 12 credits during a semester. (For second, third, fourth semester)
  • Course Enrollment
  • Course enrollment takes place online during the announced period (usually a week long) prior to the start of a new semester. You should go through the Course Catalogue and make out your own timetable in advance. Be aware of the credit limits depending on your conditions. With the commencement of the semester, modification of your schedule is available through the same enrollment procedure for the first week only. After the modification period, you may choose to withdraw when you wish not to continue taking a course. The courses from which you have withdrawn may be taken again in the future.
  • Modification of The Enrolled Courses
  • You are allowed to make changes to your selection of courses freely for the first week of a semester ? that is, during the modification period. Log on to to view your enrollment status. When you wish to make changes, repeat the procedures for enrollment. To drop a course, simply click cancel.
  • Enrollment Confirmation
  • After you finished courses enrollment(or made changes), you must confirm your enrollment status in online.
  • Course Withdrawal
  • Should you wish to drop a course after the modification period (the first week of each semester), you must withdraw before one-second of the semester has passed. You can withdraw in online, then print your Course Withdrawal Form and hand it into the Office of Academic Affairs of Medicine college with your professor’s signed approval. There are no limits to the number of courses from which you can withdraw and withdrawn courses are marked ‘W’ on your transcripts.
  • The Required Courses from the Dept. of Biomedical sciences
  • From 2010
  • Program Course title(Course number) credits
    • both : Readings in Biomedical Sciences(806.501A, 의과학강독),
      Topics in Biomedical Sciences(806.502A, 우수의과학자특강)
    • for MD students : Basic Biomedical Molecular Cell Biology
      (806.505, 초급분자세포의과학)
    • for non-MD students : Structure and Function of Human Body
      (806.503인체의 구조와 기능)
    • both : Topics in Biomedical Sciences(806.502A, 우수의과학자특강)
    • for MD students : Advanced Biomedical Molecular Cell Biology
      (806.506, 고급분자세포의과학)
    • for non-MD students : Biomedical basis for human diseases
      (806.622, 질환 발생의 의과학적 이해)
  • in 2009
  • Program Course title(Course number) credits
    • both : Readings in Biomedical Sciences(806.501, 의과학강독),
      Topics in Biomedical Sciences(806.502, 우수의과학자특강)
    • for MD students :
      Basic Biomedical Molecular Cell Biology(806.505, 초급분자세포의과학)
      Advanced Biomedical Molecular Cell Biology(806.506, 고급분자세포의과학)
    • for non-MD students :
      Structure and Function of Human Body(806.503, 인체의 구조와 기능)
      Introduction to Pathophysiology of Human disease
      (806.504, 인체 질병의 병태생리학개론)
      [Biomedical basis for human diseases, (806.622, 질환 발생의 의과학적 이해]
  • Notice : To graduate as Master of or PhD in Science, a student must complete, in his/her master's/doctoral program, more than 12 credits in approved courses by SNU College of Natural Sciences.

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